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Counting Clouds was born to create delicate and functional knits, that tell a little story in each collection. Knitted with the best quality natural yarns in limited editions. All made in Spain, at small workshops as a way to promote local and sustainable businesses. Some time after, the brand keeps growing and these collections are the pretext to tell a lot of other stories. Stories of women who want to feel unique, special, and belong to a community that values quality and small details.

The brand celebrates the value of small things, «slow cooked». Beautiful designs, light patterns and timeless style. Knits made to be enjoyed, lived in, and held onto for a long time. To find through them the best version of ourselves.

After working for more than 10 years at architecture offices in Madrid and Dublin, and after the birth of our second child, this project was also born. With the desire to design collections that represent  my values: the value of everyday beauty, the value of preserving our environment, the value of manufacturing locally with sustainable materials, and the value of personal growth.


Counting Clouds believes in style and not in fashion, and in the beauty of simple things.

We believe in buying less and buying better.

We believe in preserving our environment, reducing our impact in our planet.

We believe in the value of artisan products, made slowly.

We believe our clothes are forms of expression, a way of being who we want to be.

And being the best version of ourselves we will make the world a better place.

#1 materials

All our garments are knitted with the best quality natural yarns, supplied by italian mills that meet all the european regulations for fair trade, salaries and environment (OEKO – TEX certificates), promoting also a circular economy model trying to reuse as much as possible the resources and by-products of the raw materials in the processes of producing those yarns.

All the wool yarns have the RWS certificate (Responsible Wool Standard). All yarns with this certificate must meet animal welfare, land management, and social requirements.

#2 local workshops

We work with small family workshops in Madrid and Barcelona as a way to promote artisan work and love for detail. Each one of the knits is produced slowly and with care. We want to manufacture our collections in a way that is fair both for the people and the environment.

Each of our Counting Clouds is knitted in the knitting machines at our workshops. After that, they are assembled by hand by a team of amazing women with a lifetime of experience. Once they are finished, they are checked one by one with special lamps to see if there are any imperfections, then washed and ironed.

We are proud of this team that makes each knit unique and special, and of the invisible link we have created between our customers and the people manufacturing the collections.

#3 conscious fashion

We believe our knits have a fair value, and a price adjusted to its cost. We try to adjust the production to the demand, and that´s why there are many styles that are sold out before the sales season.

The brand is based in selling straight to the final customer. So you can always be at the center of this story. We often work with PreOrders, so there is no overstock of some style, or another one selling out quickly, producing only what you buy.

We always consider a lot all of your comments and suggestions, going forward so the brand is also a reflection of our customers preferences. Because sustainability and style can have a lot in common.

#4 social

There was a day when we wanted to go a step forward and provide something else. Twice a year, we make a special mid-season disccount and donate a porcentage of those sales to a NGO or social organisation that meets our values.

From day one transparency has been a value we wanted to be proud of, and we are very thankful for our community support to these actions during all these years.

#5 packaging

We are slowly improving so that Counting Clouds can a be a more sustainable brand each year. All the paper labels in our knits are printed on a 100% recycled card, at a small print house in Spain with water-based inks.

We send all your orders inside a reusable cotton bag with a million uses (to keep clothes in a drawer, in a suitcase, as a toy organiser…) and in a compostable mailer made from corn starch.

Our courier is also a company commited to sustainability, doing actions focused to reduce the consumption of energy and to fight pollution, introducing ways of working that are more sustainable each day.

because Counting Clouds are you

I’m sure you get lots of feedback from happy customers but I need to add my voice as I’m positively shocked at the quality of the jumper. I knew it would be decent but this is beyond my expectations. And the design is very ‘me’, it already feels more like an old favourite than a shiny new thing, and goes so well with my other favourite clothes. Thank you so very much.
Diseño EstudioFerAlgorta