“WILDFLOWERS” es una historia acerca de libertad y de sencillez.

Acerca de ser quien quieres ser.

Acerca de cambiar las cosas y de cambiarte a tí misma.

De descubrir pasiones.

De encontrarte y quererte.

De ser como las flores silvestres. Capaces de soportar la peor de las tormentas de verano. Y de crecer y florecer, hasta en los lugares más difíciles.


“WILDFLOWERS” is a story of freedom and simplicity.

About being who you want to be.

About changing things and changing yourself.

Of discovering passions.

Of finding and loving you.

About being like wildflowers. Bearing the worst summer storm. And growing and flourishing, even in the most difficult places.


You belong among the wildflowers

You belong in a boat out at sea

Sail away, kill off the hours

You belong somewhere you feel free

Wildflowers, Tom Petty